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About The Hg Foundation

Our Strategy

By 2027 we aim to catalyse 100,000 impactful opportunities on the tech talent pipeline for underrepresented groups in Europe and North America, through focussed partnerships which build sector-leading insight into cost-effectiveness and make full use of our extensive networks.

The Foundation’s work is solely funded by Hg – a leading investor in European and transatlantic software and services businesses.


To build a portfolio of complementary, world class programmes, through strategic partnerships with high quality, evidence-backed organisations which learn from one-another and amplify our collective impact.


An expert team providing long term funding, operational support and advocacy
– including through the expertise and assets of Hg and its technology-based network.


Using data and analysis to understand the root causes of the problem - and clear metrics to track outcomes, assess impact and make the case for system-wide scale-up.

The Challenge

At all levels, and across the globe, there are significant skills shortages in the technology sector and an urgent need to re-skill the workforce for modern jobs. 

But some groups – especially women and girls, those from low-income backgrounds and from certain ethnic groups – are far less likely to gain good tech qualifications and access tech jobs. 

This is unfair and a significant waste of talent. 

Many issues are at play, from inequalities in education, through in-grained cultural issues, to differing levels of preparedness for the workplace. The Hg Foundation supports partnerships that work across all these fronts.

Only one third of UK tech workers are from the lowest income backgrounds.

Just 22% of tech roles in Europe and 26% in the US are occupied by women.

Just 1% of employees at major US technology firms are black and 3% LatinX.

The Team