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Launching a Tech Hiring Revolution - unpacking the research with Mona and Kerry

Join Dr. Mona Mourshed, CEO of Generation, and Kerry Heaton, Chief People Officer at Hg, as they unpack Generation's research in our recent podcast.

The Hg Foundation was the anchor funder of a landmark research project to give global insight into hiring trends to entry level jobs in the technology sector. Developed by our partners at Generation, the study surveyed more than 4,000 employed and unemployed people, and collected 1,325 responses from tech and non-tech employers, spanning eight countries: Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Mexico, the UK and the US.

The research explores critical issues such as demand for entry level talent; how job requirements are evolving; the drivers of successful applications; and how employers screen CVs and aim to increase diversity.

The overall aim is to identify interventions that can be made to support under-represented communities to access and thrive in entry-level tech jobs, and to inform the debate around solutions to increasing the supply and diversity of talent. In the medium term, Generation hope to build a coalition of employers to test the most promising approaches at scale, to see whether they are successful and cost effective in harnessing the talent of under-served groups.

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