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James Turner, CEO of The Hg Foundation: Looking ahead

We are hugely excited about the future of the Foundation and the impact we can have by catalysing 100,000 new, high-quality opportunities along the tech talent pipeline. 

Our work will help great organisations grow further and serve thousands more people from underrepresented groups, putting them on a pathway to fulfilling jobs in the tech sector.    And supporting that pathway will remain at the heart of our approach: working both at cusp of employment where under-resourced groups need more help to prepare for and secure jobs, but also in the education system, helping to bolster skills, qualifications, and aspirations before promising talent is lost.

We also hope that our collective efforts will contribute to a better understanding of how we support talented individuals into a sector which, on long term forecasts, is still growing and remains one of the surest bets for economic mobility.  At a time when the impacts of generative AI on the labour market are far from clear, it has never been more important to ensure that those who already face barriers are given the best chances of success, whatever the future holds.

The next few years will see the number of partnerships the Foundation supports increase, but also existing partnerships conclude their first phase, and, as a result, more data and evidence of impact will emerge.  We are keen to learn from this and focus down on those programmes and organisations that are making the biggest difference, judged fairly and robustly, recognising that the problems we are tackling are deep-rooted and there are no easy answers.  The work we are developing on the cost effectiveness of different programmes, addressing different barriers at different stages, will help guide the Foundation’s strategy -- and will also be useful to others who share our vision of a meritocratic tech future.

A big thank you to everyone who supports what we do: including the non-profit partners we support, the forward-looking companies we engage with, and the many people within the Hg network and beyond who contribute to our mission.