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Matthew Brockman, Trustee and Managing Partner of Hg shares his view on the Foundation's progress to date

Hg sits at the heart of a transatlantic technology-network, incorporating over 50 fast growing software and services firms that between them employ more than one hundred thousand people.   Over years we have built a deep understanding of the tech sector, growing businesses for the long term, creating jobs and improved services, as well as shareholder value.


It is important to us that the sector we serve accesses the full range of talent from the communities where we live, work and invest.  This is not only the right thing to do, but our experience shows that having people with different perspectives around the table leads to better decisions and makes businesses stronger.  And with a shortage of tech skills in Europe and North America, we can’t afford to waste the potential of any group simply because of their background.


That is why we set up the Hg Foundation in 2020: to help build the future tech workforce by making a meaningful difference to the lives of thousands of people from disadvantaged and underrepresented groups.  We established it as an independent charity, but with the DNA of Hg and with full access to the expertise and connections we have developed through the hundreds of investments we have made.   The Foundation is an integral part of Hg’s commitment to do the right thing for wider society, just as we strive to do the best for our team, our investors and the companies within our portfolio.

Four years on, the Foundation is now reaching 50,000 young people who face barriers to accessing education and skills that are relevant to the tech sector.  Over the last year it has grown its work substantially in the US and in mainland Europe, while continuing to build presence in the UK.  The Foundation has been working hard to establish a deep understanding of the challenges facing disadvantaged groups, to carefully select partners it can back for the long term and to develop a strong focus on data and evidence to really understand the difference it is having. 

Nearly one hundred Hg team members have supported this work, from providing technology, marketing, finance and legal support to driving new partnerships which directly further the Foundation’s mission.  And I am delighted that the Foundation has collaborated with more companies within the Hg portfolio, working together on programmes, sourcing mentors and experts, and by providing internships and job opportunities for growing numbers of people.  The Foundation is keen to do much more, so I would encourage anyone in the Hg network who shares our vision to get in touch; the Foundation’s work will be stronger through your engagement and insight.

We are proud of what has been achieved so far and committed to further supporting the Foundation in its exciting future.